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GavaKsh was founded in ­­­2014 as a window ofopportunity to bring meaningful impact into the lives of children of lessermeans, who have the right but not the access to a better life.

With a mission to inspire and initiate radical solutions, we aredetermined to create a world where the children are happy and safe. The intentis to bring in sustainable and impactful changes in the lives of children, whohave been deprived of what they deserve. With every passing month, gavaKshstrives to provide a better and more effective learning environment for the underprivileged kids. It believes that an effective education has the seeds oftransforming their lives.



To inspire and initiate radical solutions that have the potential to change the lives of children who have been deprived of what they deserve.


To have a world where the basic rights and needsof a child are never neglected; a society built upon the strengths of its contributing members. 



We at gavaKsh, aim to reach out to childrenwith lesser means to provide them with meaningful education. GavaKsh firmlybelieves Interaction is one ofthe strongest forms of education. Sharing of ideas, skills, values, beliefs andhabits with group of children is an unparalleled way of imparting significantlife lessons.

We employ storytelling, discussion, teaching,training of skills (dance, music, sports, art & craft, games) and workshops as means to transform the lives of gavaKsh kids.

Our objective is to make education fun by usinginteractive learning and teaching techniques like dance, music, observation,art and craft, games, workshops etc. With intent to ensure that each child whojoins us, looks forward to the next session.

Our Story

Archana Srivastava, the founder of gavaKsh, started this journey as a calling of her soul, with passion and a never-say-die attitude determined to overcome the many challenges that she continues to face each day. She was fortunate to receive support from kindred souls at every step. The core team of gavaKsh is full of people from different walks of life;each committed to the vision of the organisation- an effective education has the seeds of transforming lives.

Today, gavaKsh has with over 60 registered students from an urban slum community in New Delhi. Operating out of a 300 square foot office, that doubles up as a classroom, our dedicated and growing team of volunteers leads activity-based learning modules, structured as age groups.


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Sri Niwaspuri, New Delhi, Delhi, India


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+91 - 9718518585